Monday, May 25, 2009

Marriage Hunting Bra in Japan

Amid Japan's falling marriage rate, Lingerie firm Triumph International has launched a new line of bras to help fix this problem. The lacy and rhinestone studded bra alone may catch the eye of many women. But the countdown clock in the middle is the real catch for marriage-minded women. After punching in the desired marriage deadline, the countdown will begin. After a woman finds her life partner and becomes engaged, the engagement ring is inserted into the slot above the timer. The clock stops and the Wedding March plays. Literally. Also included with this bra is a holder for the family seal and a small pen to be used to sign a pre-nup.

The little heart patches can be removed and worn on the hands. I imagine they're some sort of oven mitt? Pot holders maybe?

The rhinestones are what really sold me. My set should be arriving any day now... A little over the top, dontcha think?


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