About Pretty Little Things

Pretty Little Things is a forum dedicated to discussing women's issues in the context of a college student's life. The title was inspired by the play I Read About my Death in Vogue Magazine by Lydia Sargent. In the play, the phrase "pretty little things" is used to describe women throughout the past several decades - in the 50s they were no more than pretty little things, in the 60s they were "radical" pretty little things, then "independent" pretty little things - and so on, and so forth. But they remained and continue to be objectified.

So we chose the title as an homage to the play, and also to prove that women are so much more than pretty little things. We're using this site as a means to have our voices heard, to prove that we are thinkers and speakers. Not things.

The authors:

Jackie is a 22-year-old soon to be college grad who lives in southwest Michigan. Her interests include travel, the Japanese language, photography, video games and other geekery, and of course feminism!

Bianca is a 22-year-old recent college grad currently residing in central Florida. Her interests include journalism and media as well as women's rights and feminism. Read more about Bianca at her website.