Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Equal Pay Day 2009

I still remember the day in high school when I learned that the Equal Rights Amendment had never been passed, and that women still only make about three quarters of what men do. I was pissed. And what was worse was that no one else seemed to care. I realize that that moment, reading those words from an AP Government textbook, is one of the defining moments that made me a feminist.
The ERA has been brought forth to every congress since its creation in the 70s, and still it has not been passed. And still, even with the Equal Pay Act and now the Lily Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, there is still clear inequality in wages.
When we finally discussed in that government class, my teacher's answer was that the ERA just wasn't needed anymore, and that women are beginning to receive more equal wages.
I have yet to figure out where he got this information from.
Fair Pay is one feminist issue that is particularly important to me, which is why I'm participating in Blog for Fair Pay today. It's the day in 2009 when the average woman's earnings finally match that of the average man's earnings in 2008.

Check out the National Women's Law Center for more information and do your own blogging!

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