Monday, March 23, 2009

Women Rule Our Tribe

I was clicking around Current TV as I do some nights to procrastinate, and I found this interesting video about the Mouso people of China.

The Mouso people are described as a matriarchal society. Women take on an important role in family and property, and family lineage passes through the female side. They practice a "walking marriage" where the woman can choose and change sexual partners, and the partners do not live with each other; however, men may visit a woman's family if invited.

Unfortunately, modernization and tourism have begun to creep into the Mouso way of life, and many think this tarnish the community.


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  1. That is SOOOO cool! I had always assumed the more rural parts of China were stuck in more patriarchal, regressive modes of culture, but now I see I am wrong. It is sad, however, that people perceive a matriarchal culture as being "promiscuous," as that guy said in the video. Why don't people view our patriarchal culture as promiscuous, particularly when it is so much more acceptable for men to be "sluts" than for women? I think we have a lot to learn from the Moso people. 谢谢! 你写得很好. :)